Amit Shah Bole – People were refusing to make Yogi CM

Amit Shah Bole - People were refusing to make Yogi CM

At the second major investment summit held in Lucknow, BJP National Chairman and Interior Minister Amit Shah left Sunday the veil that made Yuji Aditianath prime minister in Uttar Pradesh.

“On the basis of loyalty and hard work, we and our leader, Narendar Bhai Mudi Yuji-ji, handed over to our President Uttar Pradesh and Yovi G. Yogi our hopes,” Amit Shah said.

Amit Shah attended the opening ceremony of the two-day Indira Gandhi Foundation in Lucknow.

On this occasion, Yuji Adityath praised a lot and said that all people had questioned the appointment of Yuji Adyantanath as prime minister, but the party relied on him.

“Many people came over the phone,” said Amit Shah, who said that the man who had never been a minister had no responsibility for the municipal company.

Yuji, the Sanyasi man, the Abbot, handed over the leadership of such a large state. The party gave him this responsibility and justified his appointment. ”

In fact, Yogi, who was chief priest at the Gorakhdham Temple in Gorakhpur, was chosen to be a surprise to many people.

Yogi and ability

Although he became a member of Parliament from Jurakhpur several times in succession and was a prominent activist in the BJP, he did not play any responsibility in the organization or in any government.

That is why many people were surprised to announce their names as prime minister.

In the legislative elections of 2017, the BJP did not contest any elections by bringing face to face, but Yuji Adityanath was also one of the few people to be appointed as prime minister, but it was not so clearly.

Not only that, on this occasion, the name of the then Minister of the Union Manoj Sinha was almost final for the post of prime minister but on the occasion, announced the name of Yuji Aditianath. In order to avoid controversy, the party also announced two deputy prime ministers.

Amit Shah, even after Yuji Aditianath, the prime minister of Uttar Pradesh, may say that his “loyalty and competence” bear responsibility, but the opinion of political observers is different.

Adani was also present

“By saying this, Amit Shah also made clear who made the president of Yogi Adityanath,” says prominent journalist Sharad Pradhan. “In gestures, there is also a warning that he will remain in this position until his prayers.

Union Minister of the Interior Amit Shah launched the ground-based celebrations program held in Lucknow on Sunday.

During this time, Governor of Ram Naik, Prime Minister Yuji Aditianath, Deputy Prime Minister Kishav Prasad Moria and Dr. Danish Sharma were present.

Interior Minister Amit Shah, a key guest, laid the foundation for nearly two and a half industrial projects worth 65,000 crores.

During this time, HCL chairman Shiv Nadar and Chairman of Adani Group Gautam Adani attended and several key entrepreneurs.

This is the second leading ceremony in Prime Minister Yugi Adityath’s state. Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Moody laid the foundation for 60 thousand crore schemes.

Who will participate in the event

In this event, ministers and state government officials will be present as well as legendary industrialists.

Gautam Adani, Chairman of Tata Sons, N. Chandrasekharan, Chairman of HCL Group, Chef Nader, CEO of PepsiCo India Holdings, Ahmed Al Sheikh, CEO of Samsung India India and Chief Executive Officer of Samsung India Hong Kong and Maddha CMD Naresh Tarihan is the President.

Prime Minister Yuji Aditianath has invited many industrialists and important guests who arrived at the event on Saturday night for dinner. There were a lot of people like Nadir Shiv, Naresh Tarihan and Prasoon Joshi at the concert.

What are modern projects

Last year in February last year, Investor Summit signed a memorandum of understanding to invest four thousand and forty thousand rupees. Of these projects, 81 projects worth 60,000 kronor were collected with Prime Minister Narendra Moudi on July 29 last year.

For the first time in July last year, the current state government organized the groundbreaking ceremony.

Now, for the second time only one year, the foundation stone for projects is ongoing. But experts say the status of previous projects is not very encouraging, with only one-third of the proposed projects underway.

“Most of the memorandums of understanding signed at the Investor Summit were already in progress,” said Siddharth Jehans, Chief Economist of Lucknow, “All projects were originally relocated in NCR, New projects on a very small scale, this time also, major projects are linked to real estate and the market given the situation, there is doubt at the beginning and then finish their time.

Yes, all projects related to small industries and cottage can be completed before time.

Siddharth Johans says projects that have not yet started are due only to the difficulties and problems faced by previous projects.

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