BJP MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar, victim Zakhi who accused Rape of being raped

BJP MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar, victim Zakhi who accused Rape of being raped

Injured victim of the case of Unnao Rape seriously injured in the “accident” in Ray Bareli in Uttar Pradesh. Two people, including their relatives, died in this.

However, according to the information so far, no case is registered after this incident. While the victim and his lawyer were seriously injured at King George Medical College.

In this incident, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi begged several questions. He wrote that the incident with the rape victim was appalling. Where is CBI being investigated in this case? Why is MLA so far accused of BJP?

The Director-General of Uttar Pradesh State Police, S. B. Singh, to the media saying: “We are conducting an impartial investigation into this matter.” If we want the family, we can hand over the investigation to the CBI. ”

There are reports of a plane crash in the area of ​​Gorbakhang police station in Ray Barley, “Ono Madhavandra Prasad Verma, police chief of Ono Madhavendra Prasad Verma, told the BBC.

SHO Rakesh Singh told Gurkakhshan police station that the truck driver had fled the scene and was later detained. He is interrogated.

According to Yadav, according to the experience of local journalist Ray Barley, the number plate of the truck, the truck that hit the victim’s car, was tampered with.

When asked about Ray Barley police supervisor Sunil Singh, said his forensic investigations are underway, and as the family of the victim wants, the FIR will be lifted by providing flight information.

BJP MLA accused rap

According to Madhavendra Prasad Verma, this “incident” took place in Ray Barley and Ray Barley’s police had provided the injured to Lucknow.

However, Ray Barley’s police did not provide any information on the matter.

The MLA of Bangaramu of Unnao and the leader of BJP Kuldeep Singh Sengar are currently imprisoned in this alleged rape case.

Kuldeep Sinjar, a young girl who lives near his home in Mashi village, has been accused of rape and the same woman was injured in an “accident” today.

The CBI investigates the alleged rap scandal. BJP MLA Coledip Singh Sanger was arrested in April last year.

Last year when politics was on the issue, Uttar Pradesh Prime Minister Yuji Aditianath said no culprit would be avoided.

There was disagreement in this case when BJP member, Saakshi Maharaj, met in June 2019 with Kuldeep Singhar in the district of Sitapur.

“MLA Kuldeep Sengarji, very successful and popular, has been here for a very long time, and after his election, it is appropriate to thank him,” said Mr Mehraj, attesting to the media after the meeting.

What is the case

Kuldeep Sinjar is allegedly charged with rape in June 2017 with a girl who was arrested.

The minor girl claimed from the victim that MLA Kuldeep Sengar raped her in her home when she went to seek a job at her house with a relative.

In this case at that time, the girl girl’s area information was not written by the police, and after that the family members of the girl took refuge in court.

They claimed that legislators and their colleagues were pressuring the police not to file a complaint. In this case, MLA’s brother assaulted his father on April 3. After that, the girl’s father died in custody.

The girl’s father had a viral video before his death claiming that the brother of the MLC and some others had beaten him in the presence of the police.

With the alleged inaction of the police and alleged anti-money laundering, the victim attempted suicide by placing kerosene oil outside CM’s house. After this incident, the matter reached the headlines.

Kuldeep Sengar was booked under the Rape and Poxo Act at Machi Station in Onau.

The administration ordered the CBI to investigate the matter, and the CBI itself arrested Coledip Singhar. The Supreme Court of Allah also intervened because of the delay in this matter.

“The victim has received nine security guards, including six people who live in the victim’s house and when the victim lives in Delhi, the three remain with her, including the male guard and two women,” ADG Rajiv Krishna said. ”

“But security officials say that while they were going to Ray Barley, they were told on behalf of the victim that there was no place in the car, so they did not need to go, yet the case of the victim was not taken in this case. ”

According to ANI news agency, DGP OP Singh said: “We confirm that we will conduct a fair investigation into this matter.

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