To train last mile and future work in a huge economy expansion

The future of work is so uncertain that perhaps there is only one potential job security for a person who can claim to be an expert in the future of work.

However, there are two trends, which certainly make experts: (1) the steady increase in the number of jobs requiring constant and continuous interaction with technology; and (2) the concert economy is still growing rapidly.

This first phase of business trends is evident in skill breaks with 7 million vacancies in the United States – many mid-level or high-skill positions require digital and technical capabilities.

Amazon’s latest announcement is that it will spend $ 700 million in the next six years to demonstrate an understanding that 100,000 employees can be completed at the low-paying Wage Center to get better digital jobs in Amazon and elsewhere.

The private sector must have some responsibility for upgrading and re-educating the skills required, as well as the importance of creating the path to these jobs. Colleges and universities are faster and cheaper than those at the bottom.

These tracks generally contain a combination of “final mile training”, digital skills, industry or enterprise knowledge, and soft skills, which prepare candidates for a job from the first day.

The second direction is not new. The concert economy has been in place since the “request for help” sign. But the concert revolution is driven by signs and classified ads, changes in digital platforms and the market, which provide continuous and frequent matching of employees.

Talent platforms have enabled these companies and organizations to understand the concept and calculation of work as projects instead of full-time jobs and earning a living by comparing pigs with workers.

Critics of the concert economy have addressed job security, health care and low interest rates. If it becomes difficult in the end to meet as a full-time employee in the form of a minimum wage, it is impossible to do so through a similar low-wage gig platform.

But instead of fighting the onset of the concert economy, critics can gain more by focusing on concert workers.

So far, negotiations on road and labor culture have focused on full-time employment.

In the workforce gap or skills, Amazon’s unusual workers, Amazon or any other company can leave the catering service center, but this is always a full-time job. But how these basic concepts intersect with the growing cynical economy

Such as low-skill and high-skill jobs, there are gig platforms requiring limited or lesser skill, and platforms that require advanced skills skills.

Event platforms that can be categorized as low-skill Amazon Turkish mechanical, TaskRebbit, Uber, Lift and Instworks (hospitality).

There are also medium-level platforms, which span many types of vehicles.

Then there are platforms such as Gigster (Application Development) and the Business Talent Group (consultancy and comprehensive management) that require similar skills to the most attractive, on-demand, full-time sites.

So, in the context of the Gig economy, in the same way that Amazon focuses on advancing workers and creating new paths to better jobs, our focus should be on strategy and statutes, leading to low-skilled party workers becoming the CEO of the Business Talent Group , Ie, emerging drivers.

The Gig Forum has developed a highly skilled innovative strategy to do so. CreatorUp is a gig platform for digital video production, built on the slope in training on the Last Tilt.

CreatorUp offers low cost or free training programs in the last mile with Google and Google, like Google, to improve the level of gig workers to become an effective digital video producer on the CreatorUp platform.

Creators from CREATORUP are inspired by customer demand; as the company has seen a great demand from customers to produce AR / VR video, it has launched a new AR / VR training course.

CreatorUp graduates participate in the Forum and have employees in a wide range of presentations that require customers to create clients, suppliers, employees and / or their brands.

The good news for other high-powered platforms involved in CreatorUp and Final-Mile Training is good news that investing in these tracks can lead to a flywheel that requires every successful talent market.

Once the talent pool is large on the platform, customers keep the talent market only.

So how to attract talent platforms? One way is to be the first market in the category. The other venture capital is attracting billions of capital. But a third may be the use of the ultimate tilt training to create new talents.

CreatorUp believes that the final tilt training programs have given it an opportunity to develop such a network.


Softbank imposed $ 2 billion in Indonesia through Grab Investment

Grab – The $ 14 billion transport-on-demand application is recovering from South East Asia – today, how to use part of $ 7 billion has been announced, or has been extended to date.

Keep $ 2 billion provided by SoftBank as soon as possible in Indonesia – The largest economy in Southeast Asia – in the next five years, face to face with his local rival Gogek, to help move from head to head

Specifically, Ghorab said that Softbank met with Indonesian government officials and created an electronic e-ecosystem, a new geo-tagging solution, to help improve transport and economic infrastructure in the country.

Has agreed to use the funds. Headquartered in Jakarta, Grab’s headquarters focused on the research and development of Indonesia and the large sector headquartered in Singapore.

Grab stressed that this investment does not affect the valuation of the news company because it is not a recapitalized fund – although it seems that this Grab can have another new softbank injection.

We will invest more, and we will encourage investment in other companies as well, “Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son told a news conference today.

“We will establish the second GAB headquarters in Indonesia, we will become the fifth Unicorn company and invest $ 2 billion through Grab, and we will invest more.”

Get the latest collection just four weeks ago, ie $ 300 million from Invesco as part of a large continuous H series, which he wants to use in the acquisition.

This period is already about $ 4.5 billion, and Softbank already has $ 1.5 billion. This is $ 2 billion at the top of the last round, the company said today.

The company’s valuation for the past few months has been around $ 14 billion, which we have been able to confirm to date.

Through our presence in 224 cities, Indonesia is our largest market and in a statement, the CEO of Grab Anthony Tan stated that we are committed to the long-term sustainable development of the country.

“We are pleased to facilitate this soft investment, as we believe by investing in vital services and digital infrastructure, and we will accelerate Indonesia’s ambition to become the largest digital economy in the region and in the country we expect to improve the lives of millions of people.”

In the case of the overall footprint of part of the lion’s trade in Grab: In a total of 338 countries, which means that this country represents two-thirds of the entire list.

The news added “Grap” with another large transport company on demand.

In fact, this transaction is not only fantastic for the amount, but how each of SoftBank Bank as a partner of the government, not only as business companies, but also to help improve the Indonesian economy.

In the form of major players and how the state is able to provide important services such as health care and transportation also provide more services to run the development of “small enterprises” through Grab-Kudo, a company starting to pay in the country, which got them in less than $ 100 million In 2017.

Given the track record that companies like Uber have closed horns with regulators, they keep Grab in a strong position in the future to offer and operate new services.

Its Grabfood restaurant, the delivery of restaurants, is already the largest in this area and has been claimed today.

Grap said the financial commitment was the result of a meeting between Indonesia’s President Goku Widodo, Masayoshi Son, Chairman and CEO of Softbank Group, and Anthony Tan, Chief Executive Officer of Grup and Rodzky Kramadaprata, Chief of Indonesia Locusts at Mardaka Palace, Jakarta.

“There is tremendous potential in Indonesia’s technology sector,” the son said in a statement. “I am very happy to invest $ 2 billion in the future of Indonesia through Grab.”

“With the support of the growing economy, there is a good investment climate in Indonesia, where we work together to enhance the ease of investment in Indonesia,” said Lovehut Binasar Panjetan, Indonesia’s maritime affairs coordinator.

“This investment is evidence that Indonesia was on investor radar, In the technology sector.

Looking forward to working with Grab, Unicorn Inc. in Indonesia and Softbank to enable small and medium enterprises, accelerate tourism and improve healthcare. ”

This deal is a triumph for Grab on some levels.

It clearly gives a huge capital injection to the company, which is the largest economy in Southeast Asia with a gross domestic product of about $ 1 trillion a year.

A good strategy to use by carriers on demand – Written by other companies such as Uber, Lift and Didi – has become bigger and faster to establish a presence in the market


Will humans be like future robots

In the past few years, the trend toward human-like robots has grown, but is not it frightening to create such human-like devices? Is not this a potential threat to the future?

However, the stories based on Isaac Isimov’s robots, the Johnny Johnny 5 characters, the Hollywood movie “Avengers: The Age of Alton” and the science fiction drama “Humans” of Channel Four. has been shown.

These films have children of robots, and there are creatures that can understand similar feelings and consciousness in thinking.

But how true is this and how much is required

Dr. Ben Gortzell developed the Artificial Intelligence Program. Accordingly, a robot named Sophia, a human-like robot, was created. It is made from Hanscong company based in Hanscong.

They say that robots must look like human beings so that the suspicions in the human mind about robots are far away. “In the coming days, there will be robots like humans because people love them,” he told the BBC.

“I think Softbank paperbacks are very bad, while Sofia will look into your eyes and will be able to make your face, will be a different experience, rather than looking at the screen on the paperboard box.”

At present, 20 new robots have been manufactured in Sofia, and six of these robots are being used around the world. These robots are used to give speeches and technical training.

Many companies have dealt with Hanson Robotics to use Sophia to attract its customers, but there is something very clear whether Sofia or a human robot like a paper robot is still expensive and even Dr. Gortzel himself does not deny it.

Although many robots disagree with this, many of them are different.

Can robots be rebels

Dr. Scholler, co-founder and CEO of Intuition Robotics, rejects the idea of ​​appearing and speaking as a robot. They protest against it.

His company makes small social robots called Aliquy, which aims to remove the loneliness of the elderly. This robot can speak and answer questions.

He says people who use Alicia should remind them that this is a machine, it’s not really a person, and it’s really horrible to do it.

Expressed their concern about the impact of the “Ancini Valley”.

Robotist Masahiro Mori sees that the closer a robot gets to a person, the more we fear and the more rebellious it becomes.

He believes it is wrong to expect morally to be like humans with robots.

Will robots be legal rights

Humans will realize at some point that they are robots, nothing in fact, and then they will feel cheated.

“I do not see anything to do with giving you the idiot and everything you want,” he says.

“Alicia is very nice and she is a friend, based on our research, we can say that it can give a positive rapprochement and remove the sense of loneliness without pretending to be human.”

Dr Reid Simmons, research professor at the Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute, agreed.

“Many of us think there is a robot that can close its eyes and have some privacy in it, rather than just like humans.”

“I am a strong supporter of the fact that we need to move away from the situation like the Ancini Valley because this will lead to many expectations that technicians will not be able to meet in any way.”

The uniqueness is the platform where developers can set up artificial intelligence application. Which are used in robots such as Sophia.

Its founder, Dr. Gortziel, believes that robots will become smart over time. If not more than humans, the number of humans will be greater than humans.

“The more robots we see around the human eye, the faster we will see it.”

He says several times it happens that people become more comfortable with machines than humans.

But will we reach this level in the future, where robots will have awareness, will enjoy freedom of hate and will also get legal rights?

According to Dr. Gortzel, “I think if robots are also as smart as humans, they will also have consciousness.”

“Kindle Robot”

There is no shortage of those who believe in artificial intelligence, but this thinking is still not comprehensive.

Says there has been little research on artificial intelligence until nearly five years, but now the risk has increased and big companies such as Google have looked at it.

“We need more loving robots than humans.”

But many robots and computer scientists disagree with him.


Stress-sensitive black shark 2 screen improves mobile games

Moto Z4 is not a particularly exciting phone. It is a middle-class tool with a familiar design, a list of specialties and a feature set. The most important feature is the Moto Modes, Stickable Accessories that can be magnetically mounted behind the phone.

But this is no longer a big deal. He first welcomed some versions of Moto Z

For a non-licensed model, $ 499 (or if you buy from Verizon and start a new line of service, then up to $ 240), you might think that Z4 is one of those middle-budget phones that actually Something like this can change that its cost is very high.

However, Z4 seems more luxurious or attractive in this price range, which makes you feel more active or attractive. In the lineup of the 2019 phone, the Z4 will not get any other form.

But although Z4 is not an exciting phone, it’s definitely not a bad phone. In fact, there are very few features that make it worth paying attention based on your preferences.

what is this

Z4 is the main phone for Motorola this year (unless this folding phone has been released and is rumored for a few months).

In terms of design, it looks like any other Moto Z phone, in which there is a metal frame in front and back and a metal frame in the middle. It is compatible with all Moto Mod accessories coming back by 2016, and comes with the 360 ​​camera mod in the unlock model box.

Verizon is the only transport company that will sell Z4 directly to the United States, but you can purchase the license without license and use it on other carriers. I tested an unlocked model on a T-Mobile network

What’s good in that

Z4’s most impressive thing is battery life. Motorola has developed a 3600 mAh battery – the largest on any Moto Z phone – an energy-efficient processor and a 1080p screen in Z4, resulting in a device that can be easily used for two days between shipment with normal use Could.

Without the need for powerful energy-saving features or police notification I have not been endowed with this phone endurance since the original Moto Zade 2016.

As a test, I tested how much of the battery will take away from the charger with a Maod battery pack of Motorola, and the Z4 was able to run from Saturday to Tuesday without normal use. It is connected.

The Z4 screen is also very good, though it has less accuracy than other phones. It is rich enough to read out on the bright colors, spectacular viewing angle and bright sunshine, and these rich blacks and rich people have what we expected from the OLED screen.

It has a small degree on the top of the front camera, but it is one of the smallest clips you saw, and it does not interfere with any video or other screen functions. This is the type of screen that I expect to see on those phones which are much more expensive than Z4.

Motorola phones are usually kept very well, with modern models which adopt the direction of the windshield sandwich and there is a metal frame between them.

Z4 is not different: the last touch of glossy glass is the last touch of the phone, and all its layers and shoulders are very narrow.

It seems like a more expensive phone when I hold it. In addition, Motorola has already added a 3.5 mm headphone jack in the Z4, which was not present on the previous Moto Z device.

Finally, Moto Z4 has a good program. Operated by Android 9pie outside of the box, it includes Motorola optimization, such as the enhanced gesture navigation and the ability to control various phone functions by shaking or changing them.

The actual program interface is clean and streamlined, and the phone is free of bloatware and other preloading processes, which nobody ever asked (at least I was using the unlocked form).

Motorola does not have a good track record for updating your phone when new versions of Android appear, but if you do not get the update, then Z4 also offers a good experience.

What do you like

The average price of Z4 means that Motorola had to cut corners compared to the most expensive phone in the market. The first thing you’ll see is that the Z4 is not fast or fast like OnePlus 7 Pro or Samsung Galaxy S10.

This is because its Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 processor, though the battery is very good for life, this year is not as close to the Snapdragon 855 in many major companies. Z4 is not as fast or sleek as other phones, and of course no racing speed will win.

This does not mean that their performance is poor in some way, and I did not see any glitch or hiccup during my phone testing.

But if you are the type of person who wants the final performance from your phone, then better than OnePlus 7 Pro or Samsung Galaxy S10 Z4.

In the Moto Z4, the main camera uses only one lens and sensor, in this phase we mostly see the opposite of many lenses on the phone.


The stress-sensitive Black Shark2 screen makes portable games even better

Playing on the touch screen is one of my favorite things. Normally hands-free games for phones are not a problem for me, but tapping and dragging games with complex control schemes can be astonishing.

Black Shark2, a Xiaomi-built gaming phone, released in China earlier this year, reduces friction with the MagicTouch feature. Depending on the pressure-sensitive phone screen, you can reset control over the screen to a more convenient location.

It works similar to the 3D touch on the iPhone, which changes the screen responsability, depending on how difficult it is to press, but it is more useful.This tells you to choose which button assignment you want to change, and where you want to be on the screen.

Obviously, how to choose optimization, it depends on you, but the idea here is that if you do not eliminate them, you reduce the antics of embarrassing finger while playing.

PUBG is a great example for focusing on mobile phones. It is already designed with a huge optimization control, allowing players to change the location of each button as well as their size and transparency.

MagicTouch has complemented me by allowing me to set up two multifunction buttons, which is made possible by touch-sensitive touch screens on your phone.

Basically, PUBG controls have placed a “sprint” button where your finger naturally settles to move the character. It is better that when I manage inventory on the right side of the screen, I can influence avatar left and right to avoid shooting.

This usually involves clicking on the “Inventory” button near the bottom corner of the screen. Magic lets you create a secondary action directly on the “Sprint” button. When you press the screen with enough power, the list opens to the right without lifting one finger.

Magic lets you customize a button to the right, and for PUBG, you know exactly what you want to change. You can actually move the camera, whether you see the third person or the first person, by moving the finger in the right half of the screen.

This is good, but when I search for any other player, I do not want to raise this finger to find the “fire” button.

Therefore, I have installed a magnetic button on this part of the screen which, when I pressed hard, it starts to fire. It seems that the purpose of the game is as follows.

Magic is not limited to PUBG. You can use it in any game-oriented scenario that includes controls that you control and developers do not do anything special about their game to enable them.

However, due to dependence on the pressure-sensitive screen in the black shark, it is restricted to this phone only.

Most popular Android phones do not have such screens which support something like this, so it will not work even if it is released in the Google Play Store. To try this feature yourself, you have to buy the phone.

You can get it in Amazon at $ 599.99, and it is not expensive for a phone with specifications such as Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, which is the latest processor found in 2019 from major Android phones.

It also has a 8GB RAM and a fingerprint sensor on the screen, so it is present with the likes of OnePlus 7 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S10 in terms of hardware features directly.

Great because of MagicTouch feature, however, if you live in United States then Black Shark 2 is not the best choice.

The phone works only with the GSM network, such as AT & T and T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint will not work. There is no warranty support in the United States.

Black Shark 2 Android works on 9 pie systems and is completely free, which is good. Surprisingly, the interface is broadly “inventory” and not the MIUI interface from Xiaomi (Black Shark’s parent company).

But Xiaomi failed to provide regular security updates. By the time of publication, it is located on the security patches of February 2019.

If you do not stop these issues, then their design might be the reason for this. The Black Shark 2 is designed for games, although it does not need any catchy features, but this phone is full of the details of the device’s devices.

The edge of a bright green brush runs across the phone, and the back of the black shark 2 looks like a shiny sports car.

Google’s pixel phones are often exposed to two-color designs, but Xiaomi’s combination of metal and glass is actually something. Even on its back is a shiny logo and a shiny band on the edge – it is compulsory inclusion of anything marketed to the players.

Pressure-sensitive screens are usually gimmicky. On iPhones, 3D Touch on iOS is useful on paper, though Apple has done nothing to justify its appearance.

This can be enjoyed by some energy users, because it can allow users to complete more through low tap, but most people probably.

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