Hong Kong: Police and protesters clash on second day

Hong Kong Police and protesters clash on second day

There was a clash between Democratic protesters and police for a second day in Hong Kong.

Police protested police action near Chinese government offices on protesters and tear gas.

Although no permission was granted on Sunday, Hong Kong’s busiest areas landed on tens of thousands of protesters near Sai Wan and Causeway.

This is the eighth week of anti-government and democratic demonstrations in Hong Kong.

The demonstrators shouted “Hong Kong Free” as they lifted barricades in the streets near government offices. They wore safety masks and helmets.

The police had already warned that such an offer would be considered illegal.

A day before Saturday, demonstrators in On Long also demonstrated the march in which police fired tear gas and rubber bullets.

How to start

Hong Kong is one of the safest places in the world, but lately, there have been constant demonstrations and clashes between police, protesters and masked men.

Police had identified protesters to protesters in the Chitara Gardens on Sunday but did not allow the march to be removed.

However, the movement of protesters gathered there early and began to march towards Sai Wan. This terrain with government buildings in China.

These protests began against the lifting of a disputed bill stating that criminals could be extradited to be tried in China.

Although the government has halted this bill, protesters are now demanding a police investigation into the violence.

The situation worsened when police accused her of using excessive force against protesters against extradition.

The situation became unmanageable on Sunday, when suspected members of the criminal Triad gang surrounded protesters at the UN Long Station and attacked with sticks. He did not leave it to passers-by and journalists.

In protest against the attacks of masked armed men last week, these protesters were demonstrating in the northern UN Long area.

The allegation is that the police ignored the attack and the alleged violation of the attackers who the police denied it.

Hong Kong’s performance has been widely supported by government and democracy in the past seven weeks.

The protests began against the launch of a disputed bill in which criminals were extradited to be tried in China.

Although the government has halted this bill, protesters are now demanding a police investigation into the violence.

In addition, democratic reform and the resignation of Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam are also wanted.

Why did the police ban the assembly

Police did not give March permission on Saturday. This was an exception because the offers are generally allowed here.

Police say they did not agree because they feared violence.

March was organized in protest against the attack on demonstrators on Sunday.

About 100 people gathered near Yuen Long Metro Station and attacked demonstrators, pedestrians and journalists with wooden and iron bars.

45 people were injured in the attack, which is why they accuse an alleged gang.

Yuen Long is located in the countryside of Hong Kong and close to mainland China in the north.

Triad is believed to be active in this area. Local villagers protested against pro-democracy protests.

How did violence begin

On Saturday, ignoring thousands of protesters, thousands of protesters began to move towards Yuen Long.

During this time the police were on alert and kept the riot police ready.

Police said some of the protesters were carrying iron bars and were removing roadblocks.

According to the police, some demonstrators surrounded and damaged a police vehicle, causing the lives of police officers on board.

After that, the police conducted several rounds of tear gas to disperse the crowd.

The demonstrators wearing plastic masks threw plastic bottles at the police and whoever was in hand, opened the way to go to the ambulance.

Why are the protesters angry at the police

The demonstrators demand an independent investigation into the violence. They say the police used excessive force in demonstrations of surrender and surrender of democracy.

Demonstrators say that on Sunday, when the suspected Traide gang was attacked, the police delayed responding to emergency calls and arrived at the scene when the attackers fled.

Demonstrators and pro-democracy lawmakers accused the administration that MPs and pro-government police were aware of the attack.

One of the residents told the BBC that a relative of the police force had warned him not to wear black clothes before the attack.

The police denied the allegations and said the allegations of sixty knots were used to distort them with the attackers.

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