Softbank imposed $ 2 billion in Indonesia through Grab Investment

Softbank imposed $ 2 billion in Indonesia through Grab Investment

Grab – The $ 14 billion transport-on-demand application is recovering from South East Asia – today, how to use part of $ 7 billion has been announced, or has been extended to date.

Keep $ 2 billion provided by SoftBank as soon as possible in Indonesia – The largest economy in Southeast Asia – in the next five years, face to face with his local rival Gogek, to help move from head to head

Specifically, Ghorab said that Softbank met with Indonesian government officials and created an electronic e-ecosystem, a new geo-tagging solution, to help improve transport and economic infrastructure in the country.

Has agreed to use the funds. Headquartered in Jakarta, Grab’s headquarters focused on the research and development of Indonesia and the large sector headquartered in Singapore.

Grab stressed that this investment does not affect the valuation of the news company because it is not a recapitalized fund – although it seems that this Grab can have another new softbank injection.

We will invest more, and we will encourage investment in other companies as well, “Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son told a news conference today.

“We will establish the second GAB headquarters in Indonesia, we will become the fifth Unicorn company and invest $ 2 billion through Grab, and we will invest more.”

Get the latest collection just four weeks ago, ie $ 300 million from Invesco as part of a large continuous H series, which he wants to use in the acquisition.

This period is already about $ 4.5 billion, and Softbank already has $ 1.5 billion. This is $ 2 billion at the top of the last round, the company said today.

The company’s valuation for the past few months has been around $ 14 billion, which we have been able to confirm to date.

Through our presence in 224 cities, Indonesia is our largest market and in a statement, the CEO of Grab Anthony Tan stated that we are committed to the long-term sustainable development of the country.

“We are pleased to facilitate this soft investment, as we believe by investing in vital services and digital infrastructure, and we will accelerate Indonesia’s ambition to become the largest digital economy in the region and in the country we expect to improve the lives of millions of people.”

In the case of the overall footprint of part of the lion’s trade in Grab: In a total of 338 countries, which means that this country represents two-thirds of the entire list.

The news added “Grap” with another large transport company on demand.

In fact, this transaction is not only fantastic for the amount, but how each of SoftBank Bank as a partner of the government, not only as business companies, but also to help improve the Indonesian economy.

In the form of major players and how the state is able to provide important services such as health care and transportation also provide more services to run the development of “small enterprises” through Grab-Kudo, a company starting to pay in the country, which got them in less than $ 100 million In 2017.

Given the track record that companies like Uber have closed horns with regulators, they keep Grab in a strong position in the future to offer and operate new services.

Its Grabfood restaurant, the delivery of restaurants, is already the largest in this area and has been claimed today.

Grap said the financial commitment was the result of a meeting between Indonesia’s President Goku Widodo, Masayoshi Son, Chairman and CEO of Softbank Group, and Anthony Tan, Chief Executive Officer of Grup and Rodzky Kramadaprata, Chief of Indonesia Locusts at Mardaka Palace, Jakarta.

“There is tremendous potential in Indonesia’s technology sector,” the son said in a statement. “I am very happy to invest $ 2 billion in the future of Indonesia through Grab.”

“With the support of the growing economy, there is a good investment climate in Indonesia, where we work together to enhance the ease of investment in Indonesia,” said Lovehut Binasar Panjetan, Indonesia’s maritime affairs coordinator.

“This investment is evidence that Indonesia was on investor radar, In the technology sector.

Looking forward to working with Grab, Unicorn Inc. in Indonesia and Softbank to enable small and medium enterprises, accelerate tourism and improve healthcare. ”

This deal is a triumph for Grab on some levels.

It clearly gives a huge capital injection to the company, which is the largest economy in Southeast Asia with a gross domestic product of about $ 1 trillion a year.

A good strategy to use by carriers on demand – Written by other companies such as Uber, Lift and Didi – has become bigger and faster to establish a presence in the market

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