Stress-sensitive black shark 2 screen improves mobile games

Stress-sensitive black shark 2 screen improves mobile games

Moto Z4 is not a particularly exciting phone. It is a middle-class tool with a familiar design, a list of specialties and a feature set. The most important feature is the Moto Modes, Stickable Accessories that can be magnetically mounted behind the phone.

But this is no longer a big deal. He first welcomed some versions of Moto Z

For a non-licensed model, $ 499 (or if you buy from Verizon and start a new line of service, then up to $ 240), you might think that Z4 is one of those middle-budget phones that actually Something like this can change that its cost is very high.

However, Z4 seems more luxurious or attractive in this price range, which makes you feel more active or attractive. In the lineup of the 2019 phone, the Z4 will not get any other form.

But although Z4 is not an exciting phone, it’s definitely not a bad phone. In fact, there are very few features that make it worth paying attention based on your preferences.

what is this

Z4 is the main phone for Motorola this year (unless this folding phone has been released and is rumored for a few months).

In terms of design, it looks like any other Moto Z phone, in which there is a metal frame in front and back and a metal frame in the middle. It is compatible with all Moto Mod accessories coming back by 2016, and comes with the 360 ​​camera mod in the unlock model box.

Verizon is the only transport company that will sell Z4 directly to the United States, but you can purchase the license without license and use it on other carriers. I tested an unlocked model on a T-Mobile network

What’s good in that

Z4’s most impressive thing is battery life. Motorola has developed a 3600 mAh battery – the largest on any Moto Z phone – an energy-efficient processor and a 1080p screen in Z4, resulting in a device that can be easily used for two days between shipment with normal use Could.

Without the need for powerful energy-saving features or police notification I have not been endowed with this phone endurance since the original Moto Zade 2016.

As a test, I tested how much of the battery will take away from the charger with a Maod battery pack of Motorola, and the Z4 was able to run from Saturday to Tuesday without normal use. It is connected.

The Z4 screen is also very good, though it has less accuracy than other phones. It is rich enough to read out on the bright colors, spectacular viewing angle and bright sunshine, and these rich blacks and rich people have what we expected from the OLED screen.

It has a small degree on the top of the front camera, but it is one of the smallest clips you saw, and it does not interfere with any video or other screen functions. This is the type of screen that I expect to see on those phones which are much more expensive than Z4.

Motorola phones are usually kept very well, with modern models which adopt the direction of the windshield sandwich and there is a metal frame between them.

Z4 is not different: the last touch of glossy glass is the last touch of the phone, and all its layers and shoulders are very narrow.

It seems like a more expensive phone when I hold it. In addition, Motorola has already added a 3.5 mm headphone jack in the Z4, which was not present on the previous Moto Z device.

Finally, Moto Z4 has a good program. Operated by Android 9pie outside of the box, it includes Motorola optimization, such as the enhanced gesture navigation and the ability to control various phone functions by shaking or changing them.

The actual program interface is clean and streamlined, and the phone is free of bloatware and other preloading processes, which nobody ever asked (at least I was using the unlocked form).

Motorola does not have a good track record for updating your phone when new versions of Android appear, but if you do not get the update, then Z4 also offers a good experience.

What do you like

The average price of Z4 means that Motorola had to cut corners compared to the most expensive phone in the market. The first thing you’ll see is that the Z4 is not fast or fast like OnePlus 7 Pro or Samsung Galaxy S10.

This is because its Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 processor, though the battery is very good for life, this year is not as close to the Snapdragon 855 in many major companies. Z4 is not as fast or sleek as other phones, and of course no racing speed will win.

This does not mean that their performance is poor in some way, and I did not see any glitch or hiccup during my phone testing.

But if you are the type of person who wants the final performance from your phone, then better than OnePlus 7 Pro or Samsung Galaxy S10 Z4.

In the Moto Z4, the main camera uses only one lens and sensor, in this phase we mostly see the opposite of many lenses on the phone.

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