The stress-sensitive Black Shark2 screen makes portable games even better

Playing on the touch screen is one of my favorite things. Normally hands-free games for phones are not a problem for me, but tapping and dragging games with complex control schemes can be astonishing.

Black Shark2, a Xiaomi-built gaming phone, released in China earlier this year, reduces friction with the MagicTouch feature. Depending on the pressure-sensitive phone screen, you can reset control over the screen to a more convenient location.

It works similar to the 3D touch on the iPhone, which changes the screen responsability, depending on how difficult it is to press, but it is more useful.This tells you to choose which button assignment you want to change, and where you want to be on the screen.

Obviously, how to choose optimization, it depends on you, but the idea here is that if you do not eliminate them, you reduce the antics of embarrassing finger while playing.

PUBG is a great example for focusing on mobile phones. It is already designed with a huge optimization control, allowing players to change the location of each button as well as their size and transparency.

MagicTouch has complemented me by allowing me to set up two multifunction buttons, which is made possible by touch-sensitive touch screens on your phone.

Basically, PUBG controls have placed a “sprint” button where your finger naturally settles to move the character. It is better that when I manage inventory on the right side of the screen, I can influence avatar left and right to avoid shooting.

This usually involves clicking on the “Inventory” button near the bottom corner of the screen. Magic lets you create a secondary action directly on the “Sprint” button. When you press the screen with enough power, the list opens to the right without lifting one finger.

Magic lets you customize a button to the right, and for PUBG, you know exactly what you want to change. You can actually move the camera, whether you see the third person or the first person, by moving the finger in the right half of the screen.

This is good, but when I search for any other player, I do not want to raise this finger to find the “fire” button.

Therefore, I have installed a magnetic button on this part of the screen which, when I pressed hard, it starts to fire. It seems that the purpose of the game is as follows.

Magic is not limited to PUBG. You can use it in any game-oriented scenario that includes controls that you control and developers do not do anything special about their game to enable them.

However, due to dependence on the pressure-sensitive screen in the black shark, it is restricted to this phone only.

Most popular Android phones do not have such screens which support something like this, so it will not work even if it is released in the Google Play Store. To try this feature yourself, you have to buy the phone.

You can get it in Amazon at $ 599.99, and it is not expensive for a phone with specifications such as Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, which is the latest processor found in 2019 from major Android phones.

It also has a 8GB RAM and a fingerprint sensor on the screen, so it is present with the likes of OnePlus 7 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S10 in terms of hardware features directly.

Great because of MagicTouch feature, however, if you live in United States then Black Shark 2 is not the best choice.

The phone works only with the GSM network, such as AT & T and T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint will not work. There is no warranty support in the United States.

Black Shark 2 Android works on 9 pie systems and is completely free, which is good. Surprisingly, the interface is broadly “inventory” and not the MIUI interface from Xiaomi (Black Shark’s parent company).

But Xiaomi failed to provide regular security updates. By the time of publication, it is located on the security patches of February 2019.

If you do not stop these issues, then their design might be the reason for this. The Black Shark 2 is designed for games, although it does not need any catchy features, but this phone is full of the details of the device’s devices.

The edge of a bright green brush runs across the phone, and the back of the black shark 2 looks like a shiny sports car.

Google’s pixel phones are often exposed to two-color designs, but Xiaomi’s combination of metal and glass is actually something. Even on its back is a shiny logo and a shiny band on the edge – it is compulsory inclusion of anything marketed to the players.

Pressure-sensitive screens are usually gimmicky. On iPhones, 3D Touch on iOS is useful on paper, though Apple has done nothing to justify its appearance.

This can be enjoyed by some energy users, because it can allow users to complete more through low tap, but most people probably.


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