Will humans be like future robots

Will humans be like future robots

In the past few years, the trend toward human-like robots has grown, but is not it frightening to create such human-like devices? Is not this a potential threat to the future?

However, the stories based on Isaac Isimov’s robots, the Johnny Johnny 5 characters, the Hollywood movie “Avengers: The Age of Alton” and the science fiction drama “Humans” of Channel Four. has been shown.

These films have children of robots, and there are creatures that can understand similar feelings and consciousness in thinking.

But how true is this and how much is required

Dr. Ben Gortzell developed the Artificial Intelligence Program. Accordingly, a robot named Sophia, a human-like robot, was created. It is made from Hanscong company based in Hanscong.

They say that robots must look like human beings so that the suspicions in the human mind about robots are far away. “In the coming days, there will be robots like humans because people love them,” he told the BBC.

“I think Softbank paperbacks are very bad, while Sofia will look into your eyes and will be able to make your face, will be a different experience, rather than looking at the screen on the paperboard box.”

At present, 20 new robots have been manufactured in Sofia, and six of these robots are being used around the world. These robots are used to give speeches and technical training.

Many companies have dealt with Hanson Robotics to use Sophia to attract its customers, but there is something very clear whether Sofia or a human robot like a paper robot is still expensive and even Dr. Gortzel himself does not deny it.

Although many robots disagree with this, many of them are different.

Can robots be rebels

Dr. Scholler, co-founder and CEO of Intuition Robotics, rejects the idea of ​​appearing and speaking as a robot. They protest against it.

His company makes small social robots called Aliquy, which aims to remove the loneliness of the elderly. This robot can speak and answer questions.

He says people who use Alicia should remind them that this is a machine, it’s not really a person, and it’s really horrible to do it.

Expressed their concern about the impact of the “Ancini Valley”.

Robotist Masahiro Mori sees that the closer a robot gets to a person, the more we fear and the more rebellious it becomes.

He believes it is wrong to expect morally to be like humans with robots.

Will robots be legal rights

Humans will realize at some point that they are robots, nothing in fact, and then they will feel cheated.

“I do not see anything to do with giving you the idiot and everything you want,” he says.

“Alicia is very nice and she is a friend, based on our research, we can say that it can give a positive rapprochement and remove the sense of loneliness without pretending to be human.”

Dr Reid Simmons, research professor at the Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute, agreed.

“Many of us think there is a robot that can close its eyes and have some privacy in it, rather than just like humans.”

“I am a strong supporter of the fact that we need to move away from the situation like the Ancini Valley because this will lead to many expectations that technicians will not be able to meet in any way.”

The uniqueness is the platform where developers can set up artificial intelligence application. Which are used in robots such as Sophia.

Its founder, Dr. Gortziel, believes that robots will become smart over time. If not more than humans, the number of humans will be greater than humans.

“The more robots we see around the human eye, the faster we will see it.”

He says several times it happens that people become more comfortable with machines than humans.

But will we reach this level in the future, where robots will have awareness, will enjoy freedom of hate and will also get legal rights?

According to Dr. Gortzel, “I think if robots are also as smart as humans, they will also have consciousness.”

“Kindle Robot”

There is no shortage of those who believe in artificial intelligence, but this thinking is still not comprehensive.

Says there has been little research on artificial intelligence until nearly five years, but now the risk has increased and big companies such as Google have looked at it.

“We need more loving robots than humans.”

But many robots and computer scientists disagree with him.

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